Bob and Lisa Tramontano



Bob and Lisa Tramontano are grateful for their family, friends, and the countless blessings they have received over the years. They have chosen to give back to and through the church and by helping women in difficult situations take control of their lives while creating a home for their children.

Bob’s grandfather, Giuseppe Tramontano, emigrated from Sorrento, Italy, to New York City in 1920 at the age of eight. Once settled, he lived in the Italian section of New York City, where faith, family, and food were intertwined, creating a strong backbone and moral compass. Anthony, Bob’s father, was a bit of a maverick and created a stir by marrying a red-headed Irish woman named Barbara Tobin, who also believed in faith, family, and food!

Bob met Lisa in college. Five years later, they were married with two children, Lauren and Matthew, soon in tow. Lisa was a manager of brokers at Fidelity, and Bob was in sales at NCR before making the decision to follow Bob’s career with NCR to Scotland and then London. Over Bob’s 37-year career with NCR, they moved seven times!

Lisa and the kids were professionals at making friends and integrating into the local communities. Like the Tramontanos, Lisa believed in faith, family, and food. However, she also believed in a fourth “F.” Fundraising. Bob and Lisa’s family and friends are actively involved in charitable giving. Many people want to give back though do not know how. Lisa is the drum major for the charities she cares about.

We have been honored to help build homes for Habitat for Humanity, a new Catholic Church in Seattle, renovate an old church in England, support the Visual Arts, and feed the needy.

Lisa is not afraid of the “ask.” She will approach anyone for anything in support of a good cause and teach those looking to serve how to get involved. Lisa has a special interest in service that is personal and grass roots.

Over the last ten years, Seton Home and Guadalupe Home have been an area of focus. Seton Home is a residential community that helps young girls, age 12-18, that are pregnant due to abuse and neglect. Our goal is to teach these young women how to care for their children while proving the opportunity to complete their education. We strive for a 100% High School graduation rate. The mothers receive counseling and resources to help them prepare for the next stage of life with their children.

Guadalupe Home is a transitional shelter for adult women who are living on the streets, are pregnant or parenting, and need shelter. We provide support services and personal growth opportunities in a home-like environment designed to nurture the family unit. It is a continual challenge to give these mothers hope, especially when so many feel they have been left behind or abandoned.

This passage is poignant for us: “The first question which the priest and the Levite asked, ‘If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?’ But…the good Samaritan reversed the question: ‘If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?’”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

We are honored to be recognized for the service accomplishments of our family and friends.

Our Italian heritage created an environment in which everyone looks out for each other and all are welcome. It took everyone in the family to make the Sunday “sauce.” It takes everybody to make a difference, starting with us.