Bruno Ciacciarelli
Roadtex Transportation

What is The American Dream? In 1972, at age seventeen, Bruno Ciacciarelli led the pursuit of that dream for his parents, Emilio, Adele, and younger sister, JoAnn. Bruno’s altruistic attribute is what makes him such an admirable person.

Born in 1955, in San Giorgio a Liri, Italy, the idea of coming to America was not Bruno’s aspiration but that of his parents.

They asked their son to lead the way toward America, hoping that it would bring forth opportunity for the entire family. Imagine leaving Italy, at the prime of teen life, with only the unknown ahead, doing it selflessly, with honor and respect for the love of family. This is where Bruno’s Italian American story begins and the realization of an American Dream.

In 1968, Bruno’s aunt Rosa, from America, and cousin, Donna, vacationed in Italy. After Rosa had a serendipitous conversation with Bruno’s mother, the thought of emigrating seemed like an attainable goal. Within five years Bruno’s father, Emilio, would begin the trek alone to America, to see firsthand if it would be a good idea to uproot the entire family. Bruno’s father returned to Italy and with his blessings sent Bruno onward to see if he too would see the land of opportunity through the same lens. 
Arriving at John F. Kennedy Airport was an unforgettable experience for Bruno.

He recalls the amount of people at the airport were equal to the amount of people in his Italian hometown. Bruno’s uncle, John Ciccone, welcomed him with open arms. While on the drive from the airport, to his uncle’s home, a tractor-trailer truck drove passed and it was then that Bruno envisioned a future that would someday involve trucking. 
In 1982, what Bruno envisioned professionally became a reality.

Working in transportation was also the means through which he met his beautiful wife, Ann Marie. Bruno and Ann Marie were married in 1987. Bruno’s steadfast openness to learn, spirit of gratitude, commitment to sacrifice, and appreciation of where he came from, paved the road to his success.
 In 1992, he met his business partner Bob Kelly and today own Roadtex Transportation,
 with 1500 employees and 31 terminals nationwide. The American Dream would not be
complete until Bruno would become an American citizen. He did so with pride.
 Bruno is humbly grateful for the opportunity to achieve what he has and owes it all
to his parents.

The American Dream is better fulfilled when you can share it with the people you
 love. Behind every great man is a great woman; both Bruno and Ann Marie continue 
to build a life of love and family, guided by Italian traditions, and sharing the Italian
 way of life with their beautiful children Daniella, Christopher, and Nicholas.
 “Sitting at the dinner table every evening with my family, I learned the most important 
lessons that life brings our way.

Listening to my parents recount about the hardships of
their work day indirectly taught me that success in life comes through hard work and
 sacrifice. Steadfast Italian traditions taught me that keeping your feet firmly grounded
keeps you true to yourself. At my family table I was also able to freely convey my 
thoughts and feelings, which properly set my moral compass. I learned that love and 
kindness are universally understood, no matter what your customs are. Assimilation was
 easy for us because we appreciated the opportunity to grow. It strikes a tender chord
 when I think that many families today do not have dinner together at their kitchen table,
 as I did. I owe all that I am to the lessons I learned as a boy. I am grateful to God and my family. They are the cornerstones onto which I have built my life. I am proud to be an Italian American and to continue our beautiful customs.