The DelGrosso Family
Owners and Founders
DelGrosso Foods


DelGrosso Foods is the oldest major family-owned producer of pasta sauce in America, tracing its roots to 1914 and the special recipe of Italian immigrant Marianna Pulcino.  From kitchen table to family-run restaurants and eventually, to grocery stores around the country, the DelGrosso family story is quintessentially American.

Marianna’s daughter Mafalda and her husband Ferdinand DelGrosso began commercial production of the sauce in 1947 after the couple purchased an amusement park in Tipton, PA. From the park kitchen, the family packed each case by hand and gained distribution one grocery store at a time.  From those humble beginnings, DelGrosso Foods saw numerous operational expansions in the 1980s and 90s and diversified its business to become a contract manufacturer for grocery chain private label products and national food brands. This growth and longevity earned DelGrosso a national Small Business Administration award in 2000, presented to family members by President Bill Clinton.

In 2006, the launch of La Famiglia DelGrosso ultra-premium pasta sauce line brought further recognition to the company and can now be found in most major grocers across the U.S.  DelGrosso Family members have been guests on national and regional television shows and appear at top food festivals across the country to share their culinary heritage.  The family continues operation of DelGrosso’s Park and their new, Italian-themed Laguna Splash water park.

For decades, the DelGrosso family has remained committed to supporting their community throughout Pennsylvania and beyond, as well as to the Italian American community nationwide.  La Famiglia DelGrosso has been a long-time supporter of the annual Order Sons of Italy gala, The National Italian American Foundation, and numerous Italian American organizations throughout the country.  In 2015, in support of the powerful and widely-acclaimed PBS documentary film, The Italian Americans, the DelGrosso family stepped forward as the sole corporate sponsor, helping to bring the story of our shared Italian heritage to millions of homes nationwide.

With tireless effort, commitment to excellence and dedication to their family and community, DelGrosso Foods has solidified its reputation as America’s “First Family of Pasta Sauce.