Lawrence “Pete” Peduzzi
President & Founder
Peduzzi Associates Ltd.


Lawrence “Pete” Peduzzi, founded Peduzzi Associates Ltd., as an Aerospace Business Development firm in 1995. Since that time the company charter has grown to include Defense Business Development, Government Relations and Government Services and has offices in Alabama, Florida and New York in addition to its headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.

Previously he served for over five years with a government relations firm where he was instrumental in the development and growth of the firm, as well as in formulating successful corporate strategies leading to new business on behalf of a broad range of aerospace clients.

Mr. Peduzzi is an aviation and operations specialist with over four decades of military and civilian experience. His broad and diversified background in operations, management, plans, programs, research and development, and acquisition provides for in-depth capabilities. Robust defense and related industry contacts facilitate his comprehensive understanding of aerospace and C4ISR business areas.

As an executive with the Federal Aviation Administration, Mr. Peduzzi developed and managed the program to transfer tiltrotor technology to civilian applications. He personally formulated the government/industry cooperative guidelines for the National Civil Tiltrotor Initiative and organized and conducted several national forums. He has been recognized for his contributions to the vertical flight industry, both nationally and internationally. Accordingly, Mr. Peduzzi has established close working relationships with major U.S. aircraft, engine, avionics, and related component manufacturers.

Previously, he led the $250 million annual Army Reserve Aviation Program, applying his far-ranging knowledge of the acquisition process on behalf of the U.S. Army National Guard and Reserve. As a flight instructor and pilot, with over 3,000 flying hours, Mr. Peduzzi has comprehensive hands-on knowledge of both military and civilian aviation. He maintains technical expertise through active participation in such professional associations as the Society of Automotive Engineers, the National Research Council, the American Helicopter Society, Helicopter Association International, the Army Aviation Association of America, and the Association of the United States Army, the Marine Corps Aviation Association and the Naval Helicopter Association.
Mr. Peduzzi earned an M.S. in Management and Public Administration from Webster College in St. Louis, Missouri, and a B.S. in Business Administration from Troy State University in Alabama. During his 23-year military career, he also completed several aviation, management, and command and staff professional development courses.