Vivian Cardia
Benefactor and Supporter
Italian American Causes

Vivian Cardia was born in Manhattan to a wonderful family who stressed education, their Italian culture and charity. With very little money but a great work, ethic her parents bought the existing Beatrice Inn restaurant in Greenwich Village in 1951. It provided the opportunities
for private schooling, yearly trips to Italy and an idyllic childhood.

Miss Cardia was one of the first Italian American female member and trader on the American stock exchange. She successfully traded options from 1982 to 1988, but after the crash of 1987, her father asked her to join the family business. By that time it consisted of the original restaurant and several brownstones. They had achieved the American dream.

Everything the Cardias owned was self managed, so she quickly learned to be a janitor, waitress, dishwasher, chef and factotum. The restaurant was a meeting place for many Italian organizations and provided the catalyst for Vivian’s interest in Italian Heritage and philanthropy.

After the death of her parents Vivian set up Vivicar LLC to manage her property and to further the legacy left by Elsie and Ubaldo Cardia.

She became a trustee of La Scuola d’Italia from 2006 to 2008 and sat on the national board of NOIAW (National Organization of Italian American Women) from 2008 to 2012. Having graduated Fordham University, she became a member of their Board of Visitors for the years 2012 and 2013.

Today she sits on the Board of Trustees of John Cabot University in Rome, the Board of the Ligurians in the World in New York, the American Society of the Italian Legion of Merit who bestowed the title of Cavaliere Della Repubblica upon her and the American Foundation of Savoy Orders who knighted her a Dama di Commanda.

She now resides in Florida where she supports Il Circolo and UNICO, along with a wonderful Jewish organization named JAFCO.